Who we are

Reliable supplier what You looking for.

Our company was founded in 2011. It is a customer orientated engineering and production partner for technologies applied in the automating of production processes in very different sectors of the industry in Europe. Disregarding on comparatively not alter founding of our firm, we work in automation market much earlier. We have all for developing, design and produce our product, including professionals supported by a selected network of external collaborators and loyal suppliers.

Our primary objective is to exceed the client’s expectations, paying maximum attention to his needs and promoting the creation of a profitable long-term partnership relationship what will help You to start and grow your business.

Our qualification

We specialize in construction of special machines and production systems in automotive industry. Our team consist of experienced professionals who have both knowledge and many years of practice. In our firm we have each of technical branch what You will need to finish your ambitions projects. We work with best CAD tools, programming IDE. Build structures and tools with premium steel and aluminium.

We use high-end electronic component brands like: Siemens, Stäubli, ABB, Balluff, Beckhoff, Rexroth, Promess, Cognex, Keyence, Sick, Phoenix Contact, Mecasonic, Ateq etc. Besides, we take into account the client’s wishes for the project. Therefore, you can be sure that the result will live up to expectations.

We conceive, design, build, install and services customized machines and systems to automate the assembly, greasing and testing processes of mechanical, electromechanical and hydromechanical components.

The service provided stems from the conception of the “special solution” what based on the customer’s specific needs, grows through the design and implementation of the system and is completed in the start-up and post-sales support phases, managed with maximum responsiveness through the presence of units for on-site assistance in the main world market areas.

Whether you need to upgrade your present system to meet changing requirements or need a fully automated control system for new process application we have the expertise in designing and building machines with automation systems that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Our solutions and approach to work

Automation level: we able to offer solutions with any automation percentage, through the creation of automatic, semi-automatic, manual systems, maintaining high quality and strong competitiveness.

Type of solutions: the solutions are developed with synchronous and asynchronous pallet lines, rotary table machines, integrated systems, robotic islands and special systems.

Manufacturing approach: we specialized in the design and implementation of “Lean production” systems, with applications of Poka-Yoke systems, attention to the ergonomics of the workplace, optimization of set-up times, traceability of process data, predisposition for any extensions future due to the introduction of new models.

Production capacity: during the dimensional growth process of the last few years, our firm has particularly enhanced the ability to deal with production peaks, through a network of selected and tested external partners and a widespread management of the planning and organization of the progress of the order.

Responsiveness: Engineering prepares its human and technological resources in order to provide effective and rapid responses to customer requests, whether for information, offers, progress of the order, technological support. Reactivity indicators are constantly measured by comparing them with customer expectations, with the aim of exceeding them.

Our advantages:

A. Global:

  • Availability of technological and equipment warehouse.
  • Wide network of partners and suppliers.
  • Two machines assembly halls.
  • Two offices.

B. Pre-sales:

  • Technological feasibility of the request.
  • Analysis of the customers standards, specification, requirements.
  • Preliminary design study (investigation).

C. Implementation:

  • Gantt and mainstones concomitant during entire cooperation.
  • Technological meeting during design for approval to proceed with implementation.
  • Technological meetings during implementation, particularly frequent during debugging.
  • Maximum responsiveness to requests for changes/additions while project is in progress.

D. Post-sales:

  • Training the customers personnel.
  • Scheduled maintenance.
  • Supplying a recommended spare parts list.
  • Supplying technological and commercial support.
  • Documentation.

E. Additional:

  • Guaranty.
  • Source code and sorce files.
  • Copyright rights.